Configure the 3CX 14 Phone System Version 14 Service Pack 2 for use with Flowroute

This article describes setting up Flowroute as a VoIP provider for the 3CX Phone System Version 14 Service Pack 2.

Before you begin
To set up Flowroute as a VoIP Provider in 3CX:
  1. Open the 3CX Phone System Management Console.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click SIP Trunks (VoIP Providers), and then click Add Provider

    The Add VOIP Provider Wizard starts.


  3. Add the following information: 

    • Name of Provider: Flowroute
    • Country: US
    • Provider: Flowroute
  4. Click Next

    The Voip Provider Details page appears. 

  5. Keep all Voip Provider Details defaults, and then click Next

    The Account Details page appears. 


  6. On the Account Details set the following:

    • External Number: The required outbound caller ID or Primary DID.
    • Authentication ID: Your Flowroute SIP Credentials Username & Auth Username.
    • Authentication Password: Your Flowroute SIP Credentials Password.
    • 3 Way Authentication: This check box should be cleared.
    • Maximum simultaneous calls: Set this number to any number you want. Flowroute does not restrict simultaneous calls.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Configure your Office Hours settings as required. These settings can later be superseded by an individual DID configuration.
  9. Set a basic outbound rule by adding the information highlighted in the diagram below. Additional rules can be created as needed. 

  10. Click Finish.

You're all set to send outbound calls on Flowroute. If you have inbound numbers on your Flowroute account, see this article for adding DIDs in 3CX.

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