How to Stop Unwanted Messages on your Flowroute Number

Flowroute, in accordance with industry standards, handles standard English-language reply keywords such as STOP and UNSTOP for messages received on your Flowroute long code or toll-free numbers. We support the following opt-in and opt-out keywords:

  • STOP. When consumers reply with this case-insensitive keyword to a Flowroute phone number, they will stop receiving future messages from that particular Flowroute number. When attempting to send a message to a subscriber that previously texted "Stop", "stop", or "STOP", Flowroute's API will throw a 400 response with error code 1110 ("Message accepted by the SMSC but the phone rejected the message"). If you are using more than one long code, customers who text the above case-insensitive keyword to opt out of one of your Flowroute long code numbers will not be prevented from receiving messages sent from your other phone numbers unless they opt out of those as well. In addition, only single-word messages will trigger the block. So, for example, replying “STOP” will stop the consumer from receiving messages from that particular Flowroute number, but replying “STOP PLEASE” will not. Further, the block works and is logged even if your number currently has no SMS or MMS Callback URL.
  • UNSTOP will opt consumers back in to the messages coming from your Flowroute phone number, and these messages will also be delivered to your Flowroute account as well as the defined Callback URL so you can update your application logic. This keyword is also case insensitive, i.e. "Unstop", "unstop", or "UNSTOP" should work.
It is currently not possible to customize the default response triggered by these keywords.
NOTE: Text message campaigns may be subject to various legal compliance requirements depending on the nature of your text messaging campaign, the location from where you are sending your text messages, and the location of your recipients.  While Flowroute will handle the above-described messages on long code phone numbers in the way that it is described here, you should consult with your legal counsel to ensure that your text messaging campaign conforms with all applicable legal compliance requirements.
If you have further questions on this, please contact Flowroute Support.

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