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Reviewing your Connected PoPs

Checking your current registrations on the Flowroute Manage site for registered PBX

If you are using Registration for your Flowroute connection, a quick way to review if you are assigned to the modern PoPs is using the registration page on Flowroute's Manage site under the Interconnection tab for the heading: Status. 

If you are registering with your PBX to Flowroute you will find a location under "PoP (Point of Presence)" and an IP under Edge Node. 

If you see US West - sip: in the below box, you are currently set to the retired Nevada PoP signaling domain (sip.flowroute.com). 

You will need to correct your PBX trunk settings to directly address the modern PoPs listed at the bottom



Reviewing your signaling domain for modern PoPs

Reviewing your currently assigned signaling domain from your PBX is varied depending on your PBX.

In the case of Asterisk, you can find the list of registered domains here:

When you find the domains used, if you see: sip.flowroute.com, or 
You will need to remove those domains and create a new record that redirects to all of these domains listed at the bottom. 

You will need to use ALL of the modern PoPs to correctly use Flowroute's SIP signaling.  Every signaling domain added from here will also need to be added to any firewalls or NATs which filter your traffic.  

The modern PoPs use load balancing to keep your traffic as fast as possible. This means that the signal can come from any of the listed domains, and will need to be accounted for in any protections or PBX connections. 


Point of Presence (PoP)        SIP Proxy IP Range
------ ------ UNITED STATES ------
US-West-OR us-west-or.sip.flowroute.com
US-East-NJ us-east-nj.sip.flowroute.com
US-East-VA us-east-va.sip.flowroute.com
------ ------ ASIA PACIFIC ------
AP-East-HK ap-east-hk.sip.flowroute.com
AP-Southeast-SIN ap-southeast-sin.sip.flowroute.com
------ ------ EMEA ------
EU-West-AMS eu-west-ams.sip.flowroute.com
EU-West-LDN eu-west-ldn.sip.flowroute.com
------ ------ LATAM ------
SA-East-SP sa-east-sp.sip.flowroute.com