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Manage portal 2FA resources

Two-Factor Authentication methods offered by Flowroute:

  1. Available options:
    1. Email (Two-step)
    2. Yubikey
    3. Time-based one-time password (TOTP)


Two-Factor Authentication guide:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Portal -> Preferences -> User Profile
  2. Under Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) you are given the option to set up one type of 2FA
  3. Confirm you are authorizing Flowroute to create a second layer of security for you account.

    NOTE: Flowroute is unable to unlock your account in the case that you lose your two-factor authentication information.


Yubikey Method:

Make sure you have your hardware Yubikey with you before you attempt to create a 2FA using the Yubikey method. 

Backup tokens are an extra level of security in case you were to lose your Yubikey, or it is no longer accessible. 

Navigate back to the 2FA option and click the link for "Backup Tokens" then use the "Generate Tokens" button in blue to create the safe tokens. 

Keep your backup tokens in a different location to protect the account. 


App Verification (TOTP) Method:

TOTP 2FA options are created using a third party software application to create timed codes that are unique to your specific account authorization key. 

Some examples of applications that are available to use on Flowroute, but are not specifically endorsed by Flowroute: 

- Google Authenticator

- 2FAS Auth

To remove a two-factor authentication

  1. Navigate back to the 2FA page and use the "Disable Two-Factor Authentication" option. 
  2. Check the box to verify that you are going to disable the 2FA in place to keep your account protected.
  3. Click the "Disable" button in red and it will confirm with you that the 2FA has been disabled.