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Changes to Edge Proxy/PoP configurations

On occasion configured PBX systems may need to have internal configurations changed due to service updates. When a change occurs on an edge proxy (Point of Presence) there are a few details to consider to continue service uninterrupted. 




  • Access the Flowroute Manage portal
    • Navigate to Interconnection > Registration
    • Make note off ALL displayed Point of Presence Options  
  • Review and change all IPs referencing the previous/current PoP details in the active firewall
  • The PBX registered to Flowroute network will need to be reviewed for an active PoP IPs/SRV
  • On the DID page of the Manage Portal, there may be usage of inbound routes
    • Review existing inbound routes for active PoP routing, if any routes reference a retired PoP you will need to change it to the closest PoP that is active

If any changes needed to take place

while using this checklist, you should check your configuration settings to make sure they work.

  • In the Manage portal navigate to the Interconnection page under Status, you should see the PBX you are attempting to register noted. 
    • (If you are using IP Based you will not see any registration here)
  • Make a call to an outside line, and make an additional call inbound to the PBX using the DID you had to change. 
  • If these calls perform correctly, you have completed an update to the PoPs