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Account Ownership Disputes

Unfortunately, there are times when account access is lost via an email decommission or the loss of an employee or a partner leaves a firm. 

We need to take a firm stance on any account ownership disputes to keep Flowroute in good legal standing and protect our customers. 

An account owner, who owns the email account for which the email is registered on the account, is the only one who can act on the account.

If anyone claiming to be an account owner is denied access, without the consent of the account's email holder. The account is considered unable to be acted upon by others either actually or fraudulently claiming to be the owner without verification.

This is strictly in place to prevent business partners from interfering or taking over an ex-partner's account or taking any or all DIDs on the account which they deem valuable. The account is protected from outside and fraudulent disturbance as severely as we are able to protect it.

Any accused loss of account access to another party must be reconciled with the current account owner.

If the inquiring party once had a relationship with the account owner, they will need to resolve any conflict and ask the acting account owner to add them to the account as a customer who can act with consent.

Keep in mind we are unable to change the email on the account internally. The best we could offer is the account password reset for a customer, which is also an action a customer can perform.


How to find a resolution? The company will give access to the person who acceptably evidences that they have substantially all of the required information. Please refer to our Terms of Use section "10.0 ACCESS CONTROL" for the details.


NOTE: Take some steps to prevent this. Use a good encrypted password manager. One very confident option is 1Password, it has proved to be strong against any of the recent breaches to which other password managers have been vulnerable. Share the passwords with the people who may need them, and protect the emails on the account. If they are internal, keep the email available if an employee leaves. If you are concerned someone is taking your account, make sure you know the password for the account before it becomes a conflict.