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Washington PoP decommission

Washington (WA) Point of Presence is being decommissioned on Oct 7, 2021 - at 10 am PT

To migrate from aging third-party equipment, Flowroute is ending service to US-West-WA Edge Proxy (EP/PoP). We are asking our customers to use the US-West-OR (or closest) EP going forward. The change will affect any PBX which directly specifies the WA PoP by IP or has cached DNS records. The decommissioning of WA PoP is permanent and will not be restored at a later date.

Affected Edge Proxy Information:

  • FQDN:
  • CIDR:
  • IP range:

If you are using WA edge proxy as your primary or secondary route, you will need to redirect that route to:, OR to the closest PoP in your area of operation. 

NOTE: Calls attempted by a PBX with explicitly assigned IP ranges, or CHAN_SIP setups, will fail and be unable to connect until the new IPs from the select edge proxies have been decided and registered in the PBX.

NOTE: In-flight calls will be unaffected until they have ended. New calls on PBX still pointed at WA PoP will not establish on the decommissioned WA PoP after the rerouting.

General Assistance Guidelines:

  • PBX settings that are using SIP Registration assigned to will REQUIRE the change of route to
  • PBX which are using the as an Inbound Route with Flowroute will need to make a change on Flowroute's account page: Inbound Routes. 
  • Any of the offered Flowroute Interconnection Registration edge proxies will be available to any new or existing connections to begin using instead of


  • If the inbound route has been changed but the PBX is still looking for the
    • check any settings that are blocking the other PoP's IP addresses. 
  • A PBX that is using a SIP Registration as the connection is refusing to connect or accept calls:
    • Check the SIP Registration route on the PBX to make sure any established connections are NOT pointing to 
    • Update the SIP Registration to any of the other Flowroute edge proxies 
  • The PBX uses Host routes and does not use SIP Registration, but it will not accept new calls:
    • Check a potential firewall to verify the other Flowroute edge proxy IPs are allowed through
    • If the firewall has not been restarted since the change in your PBX, restart and allow for some time to re-establish the connection and check for the rules allowing the other PoP IPs through Flowroute edge proxies