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Feb 2022 - Ray Baum’s Act 911 fee implementation

Email communication about E911 Fee implementation. Date of sending: January 25, 2022.

Our strategy regarding the E911 fee is changing in March 2022. Please refer to VoIP Service impacts under Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act 911 FAQ for more relevant information and FAQ.

Starting February 1, 2022, Flowroute is required to implement a 911 fee on all Flowroute accounts as mandated by Ray Baum’s Act implementation.

Starting February 1, 2022, Flowroute is required to implement the Ray Baum's Act, which creates a 911 fee on all multi-line telephone systems which includes Flowroute to prevent accidents that could occur from an incomplete 911 connection.

The new 911 fee affects all Flowroute accounts in the US and is applied to any local TNs with voice capabilities on an account. 

The monthly recurring Ray Baum's Act 911 fee:

  • $1.50 applied to all domestic Flowroute accounts without any local TNs 
  • $1.50 per TN only on Flowroute accounts with one or more local TNs 

For more information about the Ray Baum's Act 911 fee, please take a look at our knowledge base articles: 911 fee FAQs. Contact Support with any additional questions. 

The 911 fee is subject to change based on evolving implementation considerations.