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Host-based routing for inbound calls to your DIDs


NOTE: This setup is only for systems on a static external IP or a Dynamic DNS style hostname.
  1. In Flowroute Manage, click Interconnection, and then click Inbound Routes

    The Inbound Routes page appears 


    NOTE: You can optionally specify the server's SIP signaling port by delimiting the IP address and the port with a colon (:)—for example,
    • In the Enter Route field, add a route with either a static external IP address or hostname  

    • From the drop-down list box, select Host

    • Click Add Route then the new inbound route is added

  2. In Flowroute Manage, click the DIDS menu. 

    The Manage your DIDs page appears. 

  3. Select the telephone numbers you want to modify with the new static inbound route.
  4. Click Choose a DID Action, and then click Set Route

    The Set Route page appears. 

  5. From the Search for a route drop-down list box, select the newly added inbound route, and then click Set Route

    The static route is applied to all of the telephone numbers you selected. If you have configured the routes correctly, your account will no longer require SIP Registration. 


Failover Routes

If you want to create a host-based failover route, select Set Failover Route when choosing a DID action on the Set Route page.