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Purchase a phone number (DID)

This article describes how to purchase one or more DID numbers

Forward calls to an external phone number

This article describes creating a new route with an external phone number and setting that route as the number to forward calls from any or all of your Flowroute telephone numbers. 

View Your Telephone Numbers (DIDs)

How to view your telephone numbers (DIDs) and export them into CSV format.

Create an Inbound Route with your Preferred PoP

The Preferred PoP feature lets customers manage inbound voice routing on a per route level. Review this article to learn more.

Edit an Inbound Route with your Preferred PoP

Customers who have inbound routes set to either SIP URI or Hostname as route types can select their preferred inbound PoP. Learn more in this article.

Host-based routing for inbound calls to your DIDs

This article describes statically routing your phone number to a host system for inbound calls. 

Outbound Caller-ID Name (CNAM Storage) Configuration

CNAM storage controls the caller ID name displayed on destination numbers that support this feature. This article describes how to use Flowroute Manage Portal to create a CNAM Preset and later apply it to any of your Flowroute DIDs.

Errors When Applying CNAM to your DID numbers

This article covers the most common errors when applying CNAM to your DID numbers.