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Edit an Inbound Route with your Preferred PoP

As a new feature introduced with Flowroute's modern Points of Presence (PoPs), customers that have inbound routes set to either SIP URI or Hostname as route types can now select their preferred inbound PoP based on the following options:

Point of Presence (PoP)        SIP Proxy IP Range
------ ------ UNITED STATES ------
------ ------ ASIA PACIFIC ------

------ ------ EMEA ------
------ ------ LATAM ------


The Preferred Inbound PoP feature lets customers manage inbound voice routing on a per route level. For example, if you select "US West OR” as your Edge Set Strategy for a given Inbound Route, origination calls will be attempted first from “US West OR” servers. If those fail, then origination attempts will be made from the other PoPs that are listed above.

Configuring your Preferred Inbound PoP

Associating your Preferred Inbound PoP with an inbound route is fairly straightforward. You can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Flowroute account.

  2. Once you’re logged in, click on the Interconnection menu item on the left sidebar menu.

  3. Click on the Inbound Routes tab.

  4. Select an existing route for which you’d like to configure an alternative preferred inbound PoP.

  5. Click on Edit Route:

    1. Set the Route Alias which is a friendly name for the route.

    2. Select your route type. Note that Edge set strategy only applies to route types “Host” and “URI.”

    3. Enter your route value following the example format.

    4. Update Edge set strategy with your preferred value. This will default to your account-wide PoP selection.
  6. Click on Save Changes to apply your updates.