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Errors When Applying CNAM to your DID numbers

Check if your CNAM association is valid. Review our Guidelines.

CNAM assignments are only applicable to customers calling within the United States. Flowroute cannot provide CNAM to carriers outside of the United States due to service limitations.

However, Canada is able to receive CNAM data only through the P-Asserted-Identity tag. Be aware that this information must be assigned manually on your phone system / PBX. Canadian carriers may ignore this value and be unable to use this CNAM assignment. 

NOTE: CNAM must be approved by Flowroute Team before any DIDs can be assigned to it.

Errors you may encounter while setting up CNAM


Scenario 1 

You see this error message when you are adjusting a new CNAM:

"None of the DIDs that you selected are eligible for CNAM storage service. Please change your selection and try again. Note that DIDs on a port order are not eligible until the order completes."


  • Option 1. Review DIDs you selected: Only US local numbers can be associated with CNAM Preset. Note that DIDs on incomplete Port Orders are not eligible for CNAM assignment - wait until Port Order is complete.
  • Option 2 Try setting up CNAM storage via Flowroute API.
  • Option 3: Contact Support at

Make sure to include:

  • The DID(s) you are having issues with
  • Describe the issue you're encountering
  • The Email and Tech Prefix from your Flowroute account
  • The CNAM Preset you are attempting to use



Scenario 2

You see this error message when you are adjusting a new CNAM:

"You must first add a CNAM preset."


You need to have at least one approved CNAM to start using this feature. Check out this article to read more about CNAM management.