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Forward calls to an external phone number

Here we will describe the process for creating and setting a new route to which you can forward any or all the numbers to any Flowroute DIDs. 

Forwarding a telephone number using a Host route:
  1. Log on to Flowroute Manage.
  2. On the menu, click Interconnection, and then click Inbound Routes.



    The Inbound Routes page appears, displaying the list of current routes on your account. 

  3. In the Enter Route field, enter the phone number to which you want other numbers forwarded.



    NOTE: Enter the phone number using an E.164 format, which is 1+area code+phone number, with no spaces between the numbers. For example, 12065551234.
  4. From the drop-down list box, select Phone Number.



  5. Click Add Route

    The route is added to the Manage your DIDs page. 

  6. Click the DIDS menu. 

    The Manage your DIDs page appears. 

  7. In the checkbox to the left of the DID column, select each of the DIDs you want to forward to a route. 



    NOTE: In addition to selecting individual DIDs, you can also choose all DIDs displayed on that page, by clicking the checkbox to the left of the DID column header. You can then optionally select all DIDs you own and not just those displayed on the page.
  8. Click Choose a DID Action, and then click Set Route


  9. Click Apply Action [orange button to the right]. 

    The Set Route page appears, displaying the routes to apply the Set Route action. 




  10. From the Search for a route... drop-down list box, and select the route you added above:



  11. Click Set Route

    The Set Route page closes, returning you to the Manage your DIDs page. A confirmation message at the top of the page confirms the forwarded DID(s) to the chosen route.