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View Your Telephone Numbers (DIDs)

  1. Login to your Flowroute account.
  2. Click DIDs from the main menu on the left panel.
  3. Manage your DIDs under the Manage tab is displayed by default. On top of all the DID actions that you can perform, you can also download your DIDs in CSV format by clicking "Download your DIDs (.csv)" on the top right.

  4. The default number of records shown is "25". You can change this selection to "50" or "All." If your entries are paginated, you should be able to click "Next" to proceed to the next page or "Previous" to go back.
  5. On top of the table is a search option that allows you to search for DID records that match your string pattern.


To perform any of the available DID actions such as setting routes and aliases, select your DID record, Action, and then click "Apply Action."