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TLS Requirements

Flowroute now offers TLS as a signaling option for customers. TLS signaling is considered an advanced configuration and should only be attempted by customers who are familiar with TLS with their PBX. Our support team will not be able to provide any assistance with PBX configuration.


  • TLS is only available on new PoPs
  • TLSv1.2 & TLSv1.3
  • Signal to Flowroute on port 5061
  • Valid certificate (no self-signed certs)
  • Must use the inbound route for DID delivery. The inbound route must be type: URI and specify:;transport=tls
    • Type in your host[:port]. If no port is specified, our servers will try to use DNS SRV records. Prepend with "sips" to use TLS Encryption.
    • E.g.: or or;transport=tls

Support will have limited signaling visibility when customers are using TLS. This may impact our ability to troubleshoot some issues.