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Sub-accounts Guides - Linking a sub-account

Linking a sub-account is an important part of using the Flowroute sub-account system. This guide will help explain the process.

Process Steps:

1.  End User creates new Flowroute account at Starting a new account allows the End User to input a credit card and to check Terms and Conditions box.

2.  End User provides the Parent Business Account with the email address and tech prefix of the new account.

3.  Parent Business Account goes to the Advanced Settings pane. Using the Account Management tab, the Parent Business Account selects the “Link Account” button.

4.  Parent Business Account inputs the Tech Prefix and Email address of the account they want to link.

NOTE:  Another other option is available if applicable: Overwrite link if account already has a parent. The discounts and promotions in effect on the child account are not modified. 

5.  Check the box labeled as “I have read the above text and understand what I’m about to do”.

6.  Hit the “Link Account” button.

7.  Instruct the end user to forward the Link Verification email to the Parent Account.

8.  When the email is received, the Parent Business Account owner would click on the Verification Link labeled as “Confirm Account Link”. This task must be completed from the same Internet Browser being used to access the Parent Business Account AND has to occur within 2 hours of receiving and using the “Link Account” button (described in Step 5 above)