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Set Up Your Preferred PoP

With the additional Points of Presence (PoPs), we have added page elements to the Flowroute Interconnection Settings for you to take advantage of their failover and load balancing capabilities. You can now select your preferred PoP in two different ways:

Preferred PoP for your Account

  1. To get started, visit Interconnection > Registration on the Manage Portal.
  2. Under Setup, select your Preferred Point of Presence from the drop-down list. Upon selection, you should see the following changes:

a) A confirmation of the preferred PoP update

b) Updated SIP Proxy under Tech Prefix

c) Updated SIP Registrar / Proxy under SIP Credentials

Preferred PoP for your Inbound Route

For inbound voice routes with "Host" or "URI" as the route type, you have the option to select an alternative edge strategy for a specific route. To learn how to see the steps in Create an Inbound Route with Your Preferred PoP and Edit an Inbound Route with Your Preferred PoP.