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Why a valid Email is requested for Flowroute Services?

How an active email serves both you and Flowroute?

Flowroute provides some of the best customer support experiences in our field. We keep a communication channel open with any our customers with the same respect for everyone regardless of activity and spend.

This gives us a wonderful "customer-to-company" connection that should make every contact with Flowroute be a simple, informative, or intensive dive into any of the needs a problem should reveal. 

We look forward to all of our customers having a successful and pleasant relationship with us. 

One way that really helps us keep our customers quickly aware of any new updates, changes, or major overhauls is an active email. We request this upon sign up and is our main point of contact to you if anything should be communicated before it affects you. 

When we reach out and the email bounces you are unable to receive the information we really need you to see regarding our system communications. 

We ask you to review your email on record and update according to your preference of active emails.