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Upgrade to Flowroute Messaging API v2.1

For new customers who take advantage of Flowroute's messaging capabilities, you will be interacting with the Messaging v2.1 by default. For existing customers who are using the Messaging API v2, opting into v2.1 is fairly straightforward. If you're wondering or hesitating, here are some good reasons to upgrade to v2.1:
  • Ability to send and receive MMS messages
  • Embedded delivery receipt information for outbound SMS
  • Ability to configure separate callback URLs for SMS and MMS
  • Ability to send compact and JSON API requests

To get started with the upgrade:
1. Log in to your Flowroute account.
2. Visit Preferences > API Control to update your SMS or MMS settings.

3. Select v2.1 in the SMS Format drop-down list and click Save. As noted above, reverting to v2 is currently not an option. While you can still hit any of the /v2/messages endpoint, your Message Detail Records (MDRs) will be rendered in the v2.1 format with embedded delivery receipt information for every outbound SMS that you send.

5. If you want to take advantage of Flowroute's MMS Callback service, configure your Callback URL with this article. 


Enabling MMS will add new attributes from v2.1 to your inbound SMS message detail records (MDRs) as shown below:

NOTE: There may be some delay in updating the Callback URLs associated with your account.