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Messaging Guidelines - Start Here with 10DLC 

Our 10DLC registration process is currently undergoing maintenance to bring it in line with new industry requirements. Updates will follow.

10DLC Messaging Submission FAQ

What is 10DLC? 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) is the sanctioned standard for A2P text messaging utilizing a traditional 10-digit phone number. This program was created using the following guidelines found in “Messaging Principles and Best Practices (” provided by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), with the intention to stop unwanted messages from reaching consumer d...

Text-enabled Toll-Free Verification Process

Due to upcoming industry-standards,  Flowroute customers will be required to have all text-enabled toll-free numbers verified the process is described in this article.

Messaging Stats

How to obtain Messaging Usage Statistics

Stop unwanted messages on your Flowroute number

Flowroute handles conventional English-language reply keywords such as STOP and UNSTOP for messages received on your long-code or toll-free numbers as per industry standards. 

Configure a Callback URL in Manage Portal

Callback URLs provide our messaging API with a location to accept new messages. This article provides you with instruction how to adjust your Callback URL.

Messaging Guidelines - 10DLC Carrier Fees and Registration

10DLC Carrier Fees and Registration FAQs

Messaging Guidelines - External Resources

This section includes links to industry resources that may be helpful as a message sender starts to craft messaging content.

Messaging Guidelines - Monitoring

Practices described in this article promote a sustainable model for healthy commercial texting, which is good for both consumers and message senders. 

Messaging Guidelines - Message Content

Best Practices for Message Content

Messaging Guidelines - Disallowed Sending Practices

Disallowed Content types and Best Sending Practices

Messaging Guidelines - Consumer Consent

Best Practices for Sending Messages and Consumer Consent

Messaging Guidelines - Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct contains five straightforward requirements for message senders.

Self-Provision Flowroute DIDs for Messaging

When you want to enable SMS functionality you can do so in your Flowroute Manage account.

Supported MMS file types

List of supported MMS file types

Receive Inbound SMS Messages with Slack

This article describes how to run a simple Python app that can receive inbound SMS messages from your Flowroute DIDs via the Flowroute API and drop them into the Slack channel of your choice.

Upgrade to Flowroute Messaging API v2.1

For new customers who take advantage of Flowroute's messaging capabilities, you will be interacting with the Messaging v2.1 by default.

Delivery Receipt Response Codes

List of Delivery Receipt Response Codes and their description