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Self-Provision Flowroute DIDs for Messaging

Flowroute Messaging is in Disabled state by default on Flowroute DIDs. When you want to enable SMS functionality you can do so in your Flowroute account page under the DID tab.

To enable: Select a DID on the list.

Click the dropdown: Choose a DID Action > Messaging Options > Enable Messaging

NOTE: To disable choose the Disable Messaging option



Hit the Apply Changes button.

A box will appear to make sure you understand the additional changes to your account.

If you approve the information, hit the "OK" button and the enablement will initialize.


If you have successfully made the change you will see this box.


NOTE: Changes to the Messaging status could take effect up to 2 days from the commit. Any changes made before a 20 minute duration has elapsed will fail.


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