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Text-enabled Toll-Free Verification Process

What is the reason:  
Due to new industry standards, Flowroute customers are now required to have all text-enabled Toll-Free numbers verified. Verification will permit text-enabled toll-free numbers to continue using the Messaging service without any interruptions. This verification will not add any cost to your current or future messaging enablement.


Beginning January 31, 2024, the Toll-Free Messaging carrier that Flowroute uses to support Toll-Free messaging will block all traffic from pending toll-free numbers.


What happens to your current toll-free Messaging service:  

Keep in mind that toll-free numbers are considered “pending” if they have been submitted through the Toll-Free verification process but have not yet been verified.

The Toll-Free verification process ensures that services running on TFNs comply with carrier policies and industry best practices. Verification also provides the Toll-Free messaging aggregator with relevant service information to reduce the likelihood of false positive filtering and wrongful SPAM blocks.


How to address the changes:  
Text-enabled Toll-Free numbers need to be verified by the Messaging carrier to continue using Messaging services. The Manage portal contains important information and tools you need to submit a verification request.
What you can do in the meantime: 

Collect and fill out the Verification CSV per the instructions below 

  1. Log on to your Manage portal. 

  1. Navigate to the DID page and click on the “Download DIDs” button on the top right. 

  1. The following fields in the DID CSV will help you identify your text-enabled toll-free numbers.  

  • "DID” will provide the DID in the correct format.  Toll free numbers are those that begin with 1800, 1833, 1844, 1855, 1866, 1877 or 1888   
  • Only toll-free numbers with the "SMS STATUS" of “Enabled” need to be populated in the Verification CSV (see below).
  1. Navigate to the Preferences page

  2. Select the "Toll-free Verification" tab at the top.

  3. Follow the instructions on the page

To ensure the quickest turnaround time, we recommend completing your CSVs as soon as possible. This will enable you to submit your verification requests using the Manage portal submission system.


NOTE: Each column is required to have data within it (Excluding: BusinessAddr2,  AdditionalDocumentation, ISV/Reseller, InternalTicket, and businessCountry) or the verification will fail. DIDs must be submitted in the 11-digit format matching that of the DIDs in the file exported from the Manage portal.


NOTE: If you are a sub-account user, you will need to include any text-enabled toll-free DIDs on those accounts. We would suggest filling out CSVs on a per-end-user basis to prevent one failed validation from invalidating additional DIDs in the same submitted request.