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Download an LOA

In order to use an LOA in another location, you will have to download an LOA from Flowroute to prove ownership. 

The option to download the LOA is found in the Porting section of the Flowroute Manage portal.

  1. Go to the Flowroute Manage portal
  2. Click on the DID link on the left
  3. Find and click Port Orders along the top bar
  4. Select your Port Order from which you are looking to get an LOA. Below is an image of that page
    • [Click to Expand]
  5. On the Port Order page, you will see a green button in the middle that says: Download LOA
  6. Click the Download LOA button
  7. It will download the LOA into your selected download folder
If you have any issues, please contact our Porting team: and make sure to include your:
  • Flowroute Tech Prefix
  • Your Port Order number