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How can I get a vanity Toll-Free number?

Flowroute can search for and acquire vanity available toll-free numbers (TFNs) which are not in use. Vanity TFNs are toll-free numbers that have particular strings or number sequences in them, for example 1-855-MORNING, or 1-844-24-WAIT.

To request a search for a vanity TFN please submit a request to Flowroute Porting team via email at Include the requested string and any other particular information to help in the search. If a TFN is available, Flowroute Support will request purchase authorization. 

When you submit the email, please include:

  • Tech prefix (if you currently have one)
  • Email on the Flowroute account (if it differs from your sending email)
  • Toll-free number(s) you want to add to your account
  • A positive confirmation you want these numbers, if available, added to your account. And you are using this email as acceptance of the cost.
NOTE: Vanity TFNs are not shown in Flowroute's available phone number inventory.