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Multiple API Keys Overview

Flowroute's Multiple API Key system allows customers to create additional API Keys that can be used with their Flowroute account.  These keys can be labeled and expired independently to allow customers to manage their API usage.

The API key management features can be found in Preferences → API Control.

The actions the multiple API key product is able to perform:

  • create new keys
  • expire keys
  • delete keys
  • edit key names, descriptions, and expiration dates 

Create new keys

Creating new keys is done on the API Control page. 

Expire keys

Establishing the expiration date for the created key is done during the key creation process, and can be edited on the API Control page. Expiring a key removes the key from use, but does not remove the key from the account inventory. While the expired key is still on the account it can be restored by editing the expiration date. (This is a preferred method to decommission an API key, preventing the result of a deletion being unrecoverable, were something to be missed.)

Delete keys

Keys that are no longer in use by the account can be deleted instead of expired at any time. The deletion is permanent and does not allow for a key to be recovered once removed. 

Edit key names, descriptions, and expiration dates 

Editing the key names and other minutiae detailing the keys can be done on the API Control page. Select the blue Edit button and correct the fields corresponding to the values you wish to change. 

Account-holders with multiple API keys on an account will be informed through email when an API key is expiring or has expired. The account Dashboard will also display a banner with any keys which have or will be expiring soon.

When an API key expires any endpoint fetched using that API key will return error codes. 

The customer can fix an erring API key if it still needs to remain active, it can be extended by changing the expiration date in the API Control page. 

API keys whether default, when the account is created or manually generated, will behave the same with the same conditions and default rules for use.  

More API Resources are found on the Flowroute Developer site: