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CDRs (Call Detail Records) API

Flowroute allows you to query and download Call Detail records from your account using various query parameters. Queries can be done either via the CDR Export API ( or from the Manage Portal. ( Please refer to this Developer KB article ( for a detailed overview.

Flowroute Customer Sub-Account Limited Early Release

We are excited to share with you our new features to be launched very shortly. You will be among the first to have hands-on experience with the products through our limited early release. During this limited early release of our new Sub-Account feature and our tandem product the Multi-User feature; we will be offering to your team the opportunity to engage with your customers in a more consolidated way. The Sub-Account product provides you with more control over your portfolio of accounts, eas...

Multiple API Keys Overview

Flowroute's Multiple API Key system allows customers to create additional API Keys that can be used with their Flowroute account. These keys can be labeled and expired independently to allow customers to manage their API usage. The API key management features can be found in Preferences → API Control. The actions the multiple API key product is able to perform: - create new keys - expire keys - delete keys - edit key names, descriptions, and expiration dates Create new k...

Number and Route Management

Numbers API v2 Flowroute has updated the API v2. Located in the Developer docs you can find insightful information to help you build on the newer version of the Numbers API. Authentication Numbers v2 supports HTTP Basic Auth. Use your API credentials from Flowroute Manage ( to authenticate: Access Key serves as your username while Secret Key serves as your password. Looking to manage your DIDs? With the Flowroute Numbers API, y...


The Messaging API v2.2 This update allows you to send and receive SMS (text messages) and MMS (multimedia messages) on long code and toll-free numbers. This version supports compact and JSON API request formats. All of your Flowroute phone numbers are MMS-enabled. The maximum message size for outbound MMS (or mobile-terminated messages) is currently 750kB. Authentication Messages v2.2 utilizes HTTP Basic Auth. Use your API credentials from Flowroute Manage (

Libraries and SDKs Flowroute offers API Wrapper SDKs in various languages for you to manage your phone numbers and messages. These SDKs are open-source and are hosted on Github (