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What is MRC and NRC?

The MRC is a Monthly Recurring Charge, which is deducted from your account balance at the end of each month. These charges appear in the Billing section of your Manage account.

The NRC is a Non-Recurring Charge which is deducted from your account balance only once during a qualified event.


Types of MRCs

  • DIDs (Telephone numbers) you currently have on your Flowroute account. This charge is also applied to any DIDs moved into your account as a result of a Port Order. DID MRC is expected to be higher for vanity numbers and/or numbers in high-demand areas.
  • E911 Association - this fee is applied to any DIDs on your Flowroute account, per DID with the attached E911 option. Storing the E911 profile will not incur a charge until it is applied to a DID number.
  • E911 Fee - Mandatory E911 Fee per each E911 enabled US DID number.

MRC's up-to-date price breakdown can be found on our Pricing Details page.


Types of NRCs

  • Setup Fee - for most of our DIDs setup is free, although you may see some vanity numbers and/or numbers in high-demand areas with higher rates.


Other charges (besides calling and messaging services)

  • E911 unassigned calls. A connect fee of $95.00/call is billed for unprovisioned calls to 911 or calls with an incorrect address for the use of the Emergency Call Response Service Center to verify the caller's location and to manually connect them to the nearest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). Read more about Unassigned E911 Profile Charges in this KB article.
  • CNAM lookup - When your numbers have CNAM Lookup enabled, the caller's CNAM (caller ID) will be looked up and included in the signaling. The cost Per Lookup can be found on our Pricing Details page.
  • Port Order Expedition fee - please contact for up-to-date pricing.