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What dialing format should I use when sending calls?

Flowroute uses the e.164 format, which starts requiring 11 digits for domestic numbers and can be up to a fifteen-digit number for international.

The domestic e.164 number is typically formatted as a North American Numbering Plan Administration style: +1(NPA-NXX-XXXX).

For Example,

When dialing internationally, include the International Access Code followed by the e.164 country code and international local number format: [(IDD prefix)[country code](International DID)] 

For example, 


When an outbound number is not dialed through Flowroute conforming to these guidelines, the connection will fail in a few ways. 

  • The malformed outbound number incorrectly dials a different country or location if the length of the dialed number is incorrect
  • The malformed outbound number will fail completely due to the dialed number not having any destination in that format
  • The malformed outbound number will fail due to a fraud protection enacting the destination cost limitation. This indicates you are not allowing a call to establish which costs more than you have set as a limit. This may alert you to an unintended destination. Check: https://manage.flowroute.com/accounts/preferences/fraud/