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What dialing format should I use when sending calls?

Flowroute uses the e.164 format, which starts requiring 11 digits for domestic numbers and can be up to a fifteen-digit number for international.

The domestic e.164 number is typically formatted as a North American Numbering Plan Administration style: +1(NPA-NXX-XXXX). The prefix (+) is not required for outbound calls and should not be included in dialing. 

For Example,

When dialing internationally, include the International Access Code followed by the e.164 country code and international local number format: [(IDD prefix)[country code](International DID)] 

For example, 


When an outbound number is not dialed through Flowroute conforming to these guidelines, the connection will fail in a few ways. 

  • The malformed outbound number incorrectly dials a different country or location if the length of the dialed number is incorrect
  • The malformed outbound number will fail completely due to the dialed number not having any destination in that format
  • The malformed outbound number will fail due to a fraud protection enacting the destination cost limitation. This indicates you are not allowing a call to establish which costs more than you have set as a limit. This may alert you to an unintended destination. Check: