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Can I use E911 service on Toll-Free numbers?

A Toll-Free number is considered an inbound only DID (meaning it is only to accept calls and not generate outbound calls). This distinction is important for a few telecom properties concerning outbound calls. However, in the case of E911, any emergency 911 calls will be able to connect. 

NOTE: The FCC requires that providers of interconnected VoIP telephone services using the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) meet Enhanced 911 (E911) obligations. E911 systems automatically provide to emergency service personnel a 911 caller's call back number and, in most cases, location information.


E911 is a service Flowroute provides to our customers as a way to connect to emergency services. The E911 service provided is within compliance regulations. As such E911 collects and assesses the location based on preconditioned DID caller IDs within which they store the customer's information provided to Flowroute by the customer.