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Port Order Status Rejection Messages: Common pre-submission rejections

During validation of your port order request, Flowroute might run into any of the following issues requiring customer resolution. If you encounter a problem, Flowroute will contact you through an email describing the issue and how you can fix it; you will find the message displayed on the port order. 

After resolving the issue, resubmit your port order through Flowroute Manage. 


    The authorized name on a port order should be a first and last name. Invalid entries include company name, multiple names, or incomplete names. They will require correction if entered. 


    There is a $7.50 per telephone number charge. When Flowroute submits the port request to the LSP, we then charge the fee; however, if an account has insufficient funds to cover the cost of the port order, a notification will be sent to add sufficient funds to cover the cost of the port order. 


    Most carriers require port orders to include a valid street service address. If your current bill copy uses a PO Box instead of a street address, you should verify the street address with your carrier before submitting the port request. This address will usually be the address at which you receive service on the phone number. 


    Generally, a requested date will be valid within 30 calendar days from the day of submission. Time requested which is more than 30 calendar days will be returned and be in a state to change the port order date to be in line with the 30-day limitation.

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