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Configure a Callback URL in Manage Portal

Callback URLs provide our messaging API with a location to accept new messages. You can find existing Callback URLs and set Callback URLs on your Manage > DID page.


  1. Log into the Manage portal.
  2. Navigate to the "DID" panel on the left side. 
  3. Under the tab "Manage" you have a list of available to you DIDs on the account. 
  4. To set a new Callback URL on a message-enabled DID, use the checkbox and select the DID you wish to update. 
  5. Above the DIDs there is a dropdown that has the "Select an Action" default displayed. 
  6. When you use the dropdown, under Messaging Options, you find "Set Callback URL"
  7. Select that option and use the orange "Apply Action" button on the right to execute the selection on the checked DIDs.
  8. You will be directed to a new page where you will create a new Callback URL selection. 
  9. The checked DIDs will be noted above the Callback URL selection field. 
  10. Select the desired change to the Callback URL option.
    1. SMS Callback
    2. MMS Callback
    3. SMS DLR Callback
    4. MMS DLR Callback
  11. When you add the new Callback URL and select your options - use the green "Set Callback URL" button.


To clear a current Callback URL:

  1. Use the tab on the left and select the DID panel.
  2. Use the top "Manage" tab which displays all of the DIDs on the account. 
  3. Use the checkbox to identify which DIDs you will be changing. 
  4. When the DID(s) are selected, use the dropdown field which displays the default "Choose a DID action"
  5. Scroll down to the "Message Options" section
  6. Select "Clear Callback URL"
  7. Use the orange "Apply Action" button on the right of the field
  8. When the Callback URL is removed the alert will confirm you have successfully deleted the Callback URL from the DID(s).