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Credit Card Management

When you are in need of adding a new credit card or updating an existing one, the steps below should help you get those accomplished. 

You will first need to log into the Flowroute Manage Portal
Then you can follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Preferences
  2. Select the top tab with the name: Balance Management 
  3. If you are adding a new card, you may see an address prepopulated in the fields under the card block. Note: this address is pulled from your account information and does not reflect the billing address on your card which can be different from the account address.
  4. Use the + Add New Card button to the right. 
  5. Add in your address and credit card number, making sure to follow the details concerning your billing address from your credit card statement.
  6. When you have completed entering the credit card information using the Save button you should see the card was successfully added to your account. 

If you are editing an existing card, you will need to remove the card you currently have on file and add a new one. To remove a card you would like to update Click the red "X" on the right side of the card. When you have completed this, add the new card information. 

NOTE: You only can update an address on a card on file when you remove the card first. The address that pre-populates is not the address we have for the card. It is prepopulated from the account contact information we have on file.