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Two-Step Authentication Guide

Flowroute supports adding Two-Step Authentication to offer enhanced protection for Flowroute accounts.

When the option is enabled on an account, Flowroute will send a separate 6-digit authentication code to the account's registered email that will be required to log in. This 6-digit code is needed to unlock the account after the initial login process. The entry box for the 6-digit code will appear before access is granted to the account.


NOTE: A Two-Step Authentication code will be required each time a new session is detected (every 24 hours or when logging in from a new browser.)

Codes can only be used within a 10-minute window. After which the emailed code will no longer be active. If required, another code can be sent from the Two-Step Authentication verification screen. (You cannot send more than one request per minute.)


NOTE: If a code is not received within that time: Check SPAM folders, and make sure is not blocked or filtered.


How to enable Two-Step Authentication:

In the Manage portal head to the Preferences panel --> User Profile, Scroll down to Two-Step Authentication.

When the Two-Step Authentication is enabled; the customer will receive an email with a link. Verify that the acknowledgement has been agreed to.

Below is the email sent:

Clicking that link verifies the Two-Step Authentication has been enabled. 

A verified Two-Step Authenticated account will not allow a login without accepting a code provided by the email on the account. It will prompt for a 6-digit code upon entering the account.

The 6-digit code will be sent to the email on record. In the case that it does not appear in the inbox of the account on record. Check to see if a SPAM or other filters may have blocked it.

Example of provided code below:


How to Disable Two-Step Authentication:

In the Manage portal head to the Preferences panel -> Account information. Scroll down to Two-Step Authentication.

Click on the "Disable this Feature." Review that the acknowledgement box is checked. 

After requesting the disable, the customer will receive an email to the address on record asking to verify the disable action.

Once the emailed link has been verified the Two-Step Authentication will be disabled, and Flowroute will no longer request a secondary step for access. 


Conditions and Terms: The application of the Two-Step Authentication will require having access to an email account that is active and available while using Two-Step Authentication. If the email associated with Flowroute is no longer accessible: The account owner is agreeing that they will not be able to access this Flowroute account until the customer is able to receive the validation email. Flowroute will not disable any Two-Step Authentication without the access code given through the active verification email on the account. Address any concerns before agreeing to activate Flowroute's Two-Step Authentication process, and review the account's email validity before enabling.