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Maximum Outbound Rate Configuration

The article describes setting up a maximum outbound rate rule for making international calls. The following steps describe locating the outbound rate for the country you want to call. A maximum outbound rate blocks any outbound calls with a rate higher than the rate for the one you specify. For example, if you're calling India, and the rate is $0.0299 per minute, you can set a rule that blocks calls from being made to any country where the rate is higher than that rate. This adds an extra layer of security to your account. 

To set a maximum outbound call rate:
  1. Log on to Flowroute Manage.
  2. First, check the rate for the country you call. For this example, we are checking the outbound call rate for India.
  3. Click Billing, and then click Outbound Rates

    A list of the current outbound rates, arranged alphabetically by country, appears. This list can also be downloaded and saved locally by clicking Download All Rates

    NOTE: Rates are subject to change. Always verify the rate before making any changes to your account.


  4. Search for the country for which you want to set up a maximum outbound rate. Note the rate down. You'll use this as the baseline for setting up your maximum outbound rate. In this example, we're using INDIA - MAHARASHTRA with a rate of $0.0299 per minute.
  5. Next, set a maximum outbound rate.
  6. Click the Preferences menu, and then click Fraud Control.

  7. Go to the Maximum Outbound Rate section. 

  8. In the 'Block outbound calls...' field, enter the rate that blocks any call if the outbound per minute rate exceeds the rate specified here. For example, if you call INDIA - MAHARASHTRA at a rate of $0.0299 per minute, then you would want to set up a maximum outbound rate rule that blocks calls with an outbound rate higher than $0.0299 per minute. 

    IMPORTANT: If the per minute rate increases for the country or countries you typically call, you'll need to change your maximum outbound rate setting; otherwise, the rule will block any outbound call if the per minute rate you enter here is less than the updated rate.
  9. Click Change

    You're all set up and good-to-go!

NOTE: You can also set up a Destination Whitelist rule. Calls can also be made to the countries added to this list, regardless of the rate. Alternatively, you can create a strict whitelist instead. A strict whitelist only allows calls to the countries on the list, regardless of any maximum outbound rate. Outbound calls are blocked to countries, not on the strict whitelist.

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