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Set Account Restrictions for Fraud Prevention

To combat the growing amount of fraud in the VoIP industry, Flowroute is offering some fraud prevention features described in this article

Fraud Prevention

To maintain integrity on our network as high as possible and to help protect our customers, Flowroute has implemented additional fraud prevention functionality. Tips in this article will help you add security to your VoIP deployments.

Maximum Outbound Rate Configuration

The article describes setting up a maximum outbound rate rule for making international calls.

Set up a Destination Whitelist

How to choose countries that you will be able to call, regardless of the outgoing rate.

Fraud Prevention - Fraud suppression overview

Periodically, it is important to revisit the topic of telecom fraud and raise awareness of ways to fight fraudsters.

Fraud Prevention - Utilize a fraud management system (FMS)

An FMS is an enterprise-wide data analysis platform that works well in detecting many different types of fraud.

Fraud Types - False Answer Supervision (FAS).

False Answer Supervision (FAS) explained

Fraud Types - Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding Fraud explained

Fraud Types - Interconnect Bypass

Interconnect Bypass (also known as toll bypass fraud, interconnect fraud, GSM Gateway fraud, or SIM Boxing) is the unauthorized insertion of traffic onto another carrier’s network.

Credit Card Information Theft Prevention

Safeguards in place to protect against credit card information theft

Password Best Practices

Best Practices and Recommendations for Password Management

Practice Call Barring

Call barring lets users bar or block certain types of calls, IP addresses, and destinations from being made to or from their phone.