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Errors When Applying your CNAM

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After completing this you will be able to communicate with the Support Team and be able to begin using your chosen CNAM assignment

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First Step

If you see this warning when you are adjusting a new CNAM:

Second Step

Try setting up CNAM storage via the Flowroute API v2. Note that you can only associate an approved CNAM record with your Flowroute long code number.

Third Step

Contact Support at support@flowroute.com, or start a new ticket with Support here: New Support Ticket

What's Next

Make sure to include:

  • The DID(s) you were having issues with
  • The Tech Prefix from your Flowroute account
  • The CNAM Preset you were attempting to use

Support will respond as soon as they can to resolve the issue for you. When you receive your response you may need to go back to your DIDs and add any CNAMs that were not applied, and to verify that the CNAMs work for you.