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Errors When Applying your CNAM

CNAM is a feature to provide carriers with information about the number and who is presenting as that phone call. The CNAM feature is free to use. This means setting up a CNAM to provide to carriers is free to set up. CNAM Look ups are not covered in this article. CNAM Lookups are how the carrier would request the CNAM that you have set with Flowroute. If you opted in for CNAM Lookup feature then you would be operating on the other side of setting a CNAM. 

NOTE: CNAM Lookups is an opt in service Flowroute offers to our customers. This service has a cost associated with it, unlike setting a CNAM.


First Step:

Check if your CNAM association is valid.

Customer CNAM assignments are only applicable to customers calling within the domestic United States. Flowroute cannot provide CNAM to carriers outside of the United States due to international carrier processes.

However, Canada is able to receive CNAM data only through the P-Assert tag. Be aware that this information must be assigned manually with your PBX. Canadian carriers my ignore the data, and be unable to use that CNAM assignment. Flowroute does not interact with this P-Assert in any DID feature.

NOTE: CNAM must be approved by Flowroute before any DID can begin using it.

Situations you may encounter while setting up CNAM

Scenario 1. 

If you see this warning when you are adjusting a new CNAM:

Solution Option 1: 

Try setting up CNAM storage via the Flowroute API v2.

NOTE: You can only associate an approved CNAM record with your Flowroute long code number.

Solution Option 2:

Contact Support at, or start a new ticket with Support here: New Support Ticket

Make sure to include:

  • The DID(s) you were having issues with
  • The Tech Prefix from your Flowroute account
  • The CNAM Preset you were attempting to use

Support will respond as soon as they can to resolve the issue with you. You may need to go back to your DIDs and add any CNAMs that were not applied. After reassigning the remaining CNAMs check to verify that the CNAMs work for you.

You can find resources online to help test CNAM associations on a given DID. Look for "Caller ID test" or "CNAM Lookup"