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VoIP Service impact under Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’S Act 911 FAQ

Ray Baum's Act increased the scope of the VoIP providers needing to provide E911 service. Starting February 1, 2022, Flowroute is implementing an E911 Fee necessary to recover legal and regulatory charges arising from Flowroute's compliance with the act. This includes increased state and local taxes on E911 services. We hope to provide any technical assistance if anything should occur. We are listing the most common questions below. 


Is my account impacted?
The E911 fee applies to all Flowroute accounts with a DID E911 enabled. For local telephone numbers (TNs) accounts, the E911 fee will be $1.50 per month per local E911 enabled TN. Accounts with no enabled DID E911 addresses will not incur any fee.


What if I have one or more telephone numbers?
If the account has one or more telephone numbers, the E911 fee is charged for each E911 enabled TN. For example, if you have 3 TNs on the account with E911 enabled, the E911 fee is $1.50 x 3 = $4.50 per month.


Are toll-free telephone numbers subject to this fee?
No. An account with toll-free TN(s) will not be charged a per toll-free DID fee.


What is the difference between the $1.39 MRC I'm currently paying for "E911 enabled per phone number" and the new $1.50 MRC?
The $1.39 fee covers the monthly use of the E911 service setup that automatically associates a physical address with the calling party's telephone number. When you enable E911 addresses to your numbers, an emergency call to 911 will be routed to the correct local dispatch center and allow the dispatchers to retrieve the address location.
The $1.50 fee is necessary to recover legal and regulatory charges arising from Flowroute's compliance with Ray Baum's Act, including increased state and local taxes on E911 services. 


Who is exempt from the E911 fee? 
- Customers presenting valid USF exemption certificates, upon validation by Flowroute, would be exempt from the E911 fee.

- DIDs with no E911 enabled will not be charged.

- Accounts with no US DIDs


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