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Call Detail Record (CDR) Reports

The CDR (Call Detail Record) Export system is your key way to understand the calling activity your account generates over time. CDRs can display both successful and/or unsuccessful calls. It provides you with metrics for those calls such as time, date, source IP, country, costs, and many other data points.

There are two CDR modes available in Manage Portal:


 CDR Export

This CDR data can be requested in 3-month segments (92 days). We continue to store and keep 100% of any detailed call data you have accrued while using Flowroute services. If you needed a year of data - you would need 4 exports for those 3-month segments. You can access the CDR Export tool in the Manage Portal.

There is a filter with the required criteria and some optional filters to further refine the requested export.

NOTE: All CDR Export results are returned in UTC.

START CALL WINDOW START/END - The Call Detail Record (CDR) Search tool creates an export file of CDRs that can be filtered by when a call started. Define a window to search for when a call started by entering a window start time and a window end time. Depending on other filters specified at the same time, this will return all records for calls that started within this window.

Tollfree Only - if selected, only calls to and from Toll-Free numbers are included

Exclude Cancelled - if selected, it will not include calls that were attempted but then canceled

E911 Charges Only - if selected, it will only show charges associated with unassigned E911 emergency dial attempts

Exclude Failed - if selected, it includes calls that were attempted and reached Flowroute but did not cross the network due to a PBX error

Optional Filters

+ Add Number Alias - Define the preassigned Number Alias (applied on the DID Management page)

+ Add Destination Numbers - The destination number that was attempted and/or connected

+ Add Custom Tags - Used to filter the records with "X-Tag" references in the SIP header against the list provided.

+ Add Caller IP - Outbound (Origination) IP or Inbound (Destination) PBX IP

+ Add Duration - Call duration

+ Add Cost - Cost of a call

+ Add Filter By Countries - Specifically defines countries to include in the report

+ Add Exclude By Countries - Specifically defines countries to exclude from the export

+ Add Direction - Inbound or Outbound

+ Add Destination Prefix - The destination's dialed digits outside the NPA-NXX of the DID

+ Add Callerid Prefix - The outbound Caller ID digits outside the NPA-NXX of the DID

Compress results to GZIP? - The normal CSV format will be compressed to GZIP

Once you adjusted all desired filters and defined the timeframe simply click on "CDR Export" to generate a report for the selected criteria.

Exported reports are processed and become downloadable on the same page.


CDR Quick View

The CDR Quick View tool provides an instant detailed capture of the last 24 hours of your CDRs. This view does not include CNAM lookup fees and it should not be used for billing purposes. Refer to the CDR Exports page for financial details.


CDR Report fields

direction - Inbound or Outbound
start_time - CDR report window Start
end_time - CDR report window End
destination - Dialed number
number_alias - Customized DID name assignment in your Flowroute account
callerid - The Caller ID number that was used as the Origination
total_cost - Total cost of the call
destination_name - Destination country name
callerid_country - Origination country name (based on Caller ID)
line_information - Originating Line Information about the originator of a call.  OLI is used at Flowroute to distinguish between fixed line origination (00 - FIXED aka Landline), payphone (27 - PAYPHONE using coin control signaling), and mobile (63 - wireless/cellular PCS roaming).
result - Resulting status of the call
call_fail_sip_code - SIP status code. Check out the complete list of SIP response codes.
call_fail_reason - SIP status code description
duration - Duration of completed calls
billed_duration - Duration of billing segments occurred 
rate - Rate of charge assigned to the call
first_increment - Duration of the first increment (in seconds) - the minimum charged duration
subsequent_increment - Duration of subsequent increments (in seconds)
cost_subtotal - Cost of the call before conditional charges
connect_fee - This fee is based on "line_information" details (if applicable). Unassigned E911 Charges will appear in this field.
usf_fee - USF tax cost applied (if applicable)
ccrf - The Carrier Connection Recovery Fee to fund telecom infrastructure
cnam_lookup_fee - Applied on inbound calls if CNAM lookup is enabled on the destination number (DID on your Flowroute account)
custom_x_tag - An outbound SIP packet identifier. Read more in this KB article.
customer_ip - Origination IP address of the caller's phone system
sip_callid - "Call-ID" is a unique SIP message header field to quickly search packet captures
cdr_id - A unique CDR ID to quickly search calls
sip_from_tag - SIP message header "From" field tag
sip_to_tag - SIP message header "To" field tag



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