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Low Balance Notifications

Flowroute allows you to set up a low balance notification that sends you an email when your account balance reaches a certain amount. You can then add funds to your account; if you have auto-replenishment enabled, your account is automatically credited with an amount that you set. Auto-replenishment requires that you have a credit card on file.

To set up a low balance notification:

  1. Log on to Flowroute Manage.
  2. Click Preferences, and then click Balance Management.


  3. Go to the Low Balance Notifications (Disabled) section. 

    NOTE: By default, low balance notification is disabled. Once the low balance notification is set, disabled changes to enabled.
  4. In the Low balance threshold field, enter the dollar amount that, when your balance reaches this amount, triggers an email notification to you that your account has reached that threshold.
  5. Click Set Low Balance Threshold.

    BEST PRACTICE: set the low balance threshold below your auto-replenish threshold, that way if you get this notification you know you have to take action.
  6. The webpage will refresh with a confirmation at the top & the threshold is set. You will get an email notification when your balance reaches that limit.
    At any time you can log back into your account to set the threshold to a new limit or to disable notifications:

    • To set a new threshold, enter the new value into the Low balance threshold field, and then click Adjust Threshold.

    • To disable low balance notifications, click Disable

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