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How does Flowroute's billing work?

Flowroute Team is actively working on consolidating our Billing services and making it easy to understand and navigate through the portal.

Flowroute provides its service with a pre-paid payment system. Your current account balance is the sum of all deposits to your account, minus debited transactions, call and messaging costs, and other additional fees such as CNAM lookup fees and/or E911-associated fees. You will need to add the amounts on each of the categories below to determine your total cost of services.

NOTE: If at any time your account balance goes negative, all services (except for E911) are suspended. To restore services, you will need to make a payment to your account and bring the balance positive again. Services are immediately restored upon bringing the balance to a positive amount. 

1. MRC & NRC Statement

MRC (Monthly Recurring Charges) + NRC (Non-Recurring Charges) can be found in the Manage portal under Billing → Transactions. In order to get a Transaction Statement select the Year and the Month (optional) you would like to see stats for. Click  Print  to view the Statement for the selected period of time on the new page:


2. CDR Report

Per-minute call charges can be viewed and exported on the "CDR Exports" page under "CDRs & STATS" within the Flowroute Manage portal. Detailed instructions on how to view and export CDRs can be found in this KB article. CDR reports now include CNAM lookup costs, although you still can export CNAM Stats separately.


3. Messaging Stats

Messaging charges summary can be viewed on the "Messaging Stats" page under "CDRs & STATS" within the Flowroute Manage portal. Detailed instructions on how to view Messaging Stats and references for MDRs export can be found in this KB article.



Time is Money. You can see your most recent account usage instantly when you log in to your Flowroute account: Dashboard

  • Statistics for the Past 12 Hours along with per-hour breakdown, Three Days, a Week, and a Month
  • A graph with the Usage for a current week (minutes and number of calls) along with a breakdown for each weekday
  • Cost for the past 12 hours and the current week with the detailed breakdown





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