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Nevada PoP Decommission: Resources to help you set up Flowroute PoPs

To help you better understand the Nevada PoP Retirement and what to expect

Your PBX connects to Flowroute's network using IP addresses Or SRV (Service Record ie. The Interconnection page is available to identify currently registered and to adjust routes for preferred inbound PoPs. The Nevada PoP ( / will be decommissioned June, 11 2020 at 12pm PST. The interconnection page will provide you with the information needed to check if you're still using the retiring connection.  

Please follow the step-by-step guide below in order to complete the migration process:


1. Please visit this page Reviewing your Connected PoPs to check your current registrations and find out if your phone system is impacted.

2. Chan_sip based systems don't properly resolve our PoPs' SRV records, which contain 16 IP addresses in each IP block. You need to upgrade to PJSIP in order to use modern PoPs. More information is below:

3. Firewall requirements can be found in our Knowledge Base: Setting up your firewall for Flowroute PoPs and in Flowroute Manage Portal: Interconnection->Registration. You will need to whitelist ALL our IP ranges regardless of the PoP you have chosen as the preferred one.

4. Select your preferred Point of Presence based on your geographical and infrastructure preferences. Please visit this article How to set up your preferred PoP in our Knowledge Base.

5. Our Generic PBX or phone setup guide can be found in Support Knowledge Base along with other guides.   

Advice: you can minimize downtime by creating a new PJSIP trunk instead of changing your existing setup.

6. Here you’ll find how to Edit an Inbound Route with your preferred PoP. We have a very basic list of configurations that will help set you on the right path when configuring your PBX using the modern PoPs if you have nowhere to start. The best way to configure your PBX if you are uncertain or unsure of where to start as always to contact your IT professional or the direct provider of the PBX system.

7. If you’re using IP-based Authentication for Outbound calls you need to replace with the fully qualified domain name of your modern preferred PoP in your outbound dialing format. This article describes How to Set Up IP-based Authentication for Outbound Calls, and you also can read more about Inbound and Outbound Calling with New PoPs in our Developer Knowledge Base.

8. To confirm you have an interconnection with the modern PoP(s) you can:

  • Check your current active SIP registrations: Reviewing your Connected PoPs
  • Place a few inbound calls and verify the Source IP address of the INVITE requests: should be different than (full list of possible IPs can be found here) - you may need to check the phone system event logs or perform a packet capture to research IPs.
  • Place a few outbound calls, if the system is configured correctly, you will not see an IP of in the signaling. You may need to check the phone system event logs or perform a packet capture to research IPs. 

If you run into any issues with setting up your new PoPs visit our Knowledge Base for more information or contact your IT Department/PBX vendor for assistance. Please submit a ticket here so our Support Team can help you out. Please provide us with your account information and call example details when submitting a ticket.

Account authorization information can be found in the Flowroute Manager on the Dashboard:

  • Name on the account: 
  • Email address on the account: 
  • Tech prefix on the account: 

Call example details we’re looking for:

  • Originating Number: 
  • Destination Number: 
  • Date / Time / Timezone: 
  • Issue (ex. Error Message): 

Additionally, you may describe what you have done in terms of migration to a modern PoP and supply us with any other information you believe can help us troubleshoot the issue.


While you are finding the best PoP set up in relation to your geographical location, review your technical configurations with this guide. It will help you step by step in ensuring the Flowroute configuration is correct.

How the Inbound and Outbound calling works on the modern PoPs. 

The more modern PoPs use a new system for delivering inbound calling, and it requires some firewall changes if you are not set up for them. We have included the required rules that a standard firewall needs to keep inbound calling working smoothly when transitioning to the modern PoPs.

Once you have reviewed and chosen your closest and most relevant PoP, take a look at this resource to make sure you are set up as the modern PoP you chose. It will help to ensure your going to be able to continue service with no interruptions.