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Port Order Status: Processing

During the processing stage, Flowroute performs a series of checks to ensure that the port order goes smoothly before submitting the request to the current carrier. 

The following checks are performed to ensure that your information is validated: 

  1. Validate portability. 

    A series of validations are performed on the number you want to port. These include: 

    • ensuring that Flowroute has service in the geographical area of the phone number. For some wireline carriers, there are restrictions on porting due to a lack of numbering resources in that geographical area. 

    • verifying that Flowroute has a porting agreement with your current carrier. Without a porting agreement, Flowroute will be unable to port with a carrier. If we do not have a porting agreement with your carrier or we do not have geographic coverage, we will attempt to port via one of our porting peers. 

    If portability is denied for either of those reasons, the status of your port order is changed to Canceled. No fees are assessed for port orders canceled due to non-portability. Flowroute will send you an email informing you of the cancellation. 

  2. Check the authorized name. 

    • The authorized name on the port order request should be the first and last name of the authorized contact on the account with the current carrier. The spelling of these names should be the same as it appears on that agreement. Any middle name or initial, or prefixes or suffixes are usually ignored. For example, if the authorized name is John Smith you can submit Dr. John L. Smith, Jr. on the port order request. As long as John Smith is the correct spelling of the first and last names, the authorized name is accepted. A misspelling or incorrect name may result in the port order being rejected. For example, if you submit J. Smith the order could be rejected and result in completion delays. 

      If the port order is rejected for an incorrect name, correct the name on the order then resubmit. If you are unsure of the authorized name on the account, you should verify this information with your carrier.  

    • A company name cannot be used as an authorized name. An authorized name can only be a person. If the name on a bill is a company name, you will need to verify the authorized name on the account with your carrier. 

  3. Use a physical street address, not a PO Box. 

    Most carriers require that a valid street service address for the port request; this is usually the address at which you receive service for the telephone number. If your current bill copy uses a PO Box instead of a street address, you should verify the street address with your carrier before submitting the port request. 

  4. Verify your current bill. 

    As a best practice, it's helpful to submit a current bill from your carrier, dated within the last 30 calendar days, listing the telephone number(s) to be ported and showing active service. If a carrier rejects the port request, and you've provided documentation to back up the request, Flowroute can use this documentation to bypass or dispute some issues. For more information on required documentation, see Required Documentation for Porting Numbers

Once the port order has been validated, the port request is submitted to your carrier. Your status changes to Submitted/Coordinating with LSP. If, however, there are issues preventing validation from occurring, the port order request will be returned to you until the issues are resolved. Your port order request will remain in a Pending state until the issues are fixed and resubmitted for processing. If a port order request has to be resubmitted, the time to completion restarts.  

NOTE: Typically the greater the number of telephone numbers submitted in a single port request, the longer it can take to process your port order.


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