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New Customer Handbook

This guide covers all essential needs to get you up and running with Flowroute.

  1. Account establishment

  2. Initial setup

  3. Get a phone number

    You can purchase a phone number (aka "DID": Direct Inward Dialing) directly from our inventory or port in your existing telephone number(s)
  4. Understand Billing

  5. Fraud Prevention

    • To maintain integrity on our network as high as possible and to help protect our customers, Flowroute has implemented additional fraud prevention functionality. Review our Fraud Prevention articles to find out how you can secure your account and configure your phone system to minimize fraud risks.
  6. Manage your Account Balance

  7. Review our Pricing Schedule

  8. Setup your Phone System 

  9. Setup Messaging API

    You can only send/receive SMS/MMS using our Messaging API, this feature isn't available in Manage Portal. Please refer to these guidelines to get more information.
  10. Get Help 

  11. Subscribe to our Statuspage



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